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Setting up a marquee for an event

Posted on by Lowland Marquees

Choosing what kind of marquee you want for your event is the easy part of marquee hiring – here we will give you an insight into how we set up a marquee, so you and your guests can use it with guaranteed safety. We will also give you an insight into what factors you should…

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How to make your company event a success

Posted on by Lowland Marquees

Corporate events are a great way to get all your employees, and maybe even some clients, together to enjoy themselves. From product launches to annual Christmas parties, company events can be used to mark many special occasions. When done well, such events can be unique and memorable opportunities to celebrate and demonstrate you’re grateful for…

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Tips for hosting your perfect marquee event

Posted on by Lowland Marquees

Hiring a marquee for a special event gives you a lot of flexibility and scope for tailoring your venue to your needs and desires. Whether you are hosting a wedding, garden party, corporate event, or other occasion, a marquee can provide you with the perfect setting for celebrations and frivolities. To ensure your event goes…

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