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How to make your company event a success

Posted on by Lowland Marquees

Corporate events are a great way to get all your employees, and maybe even some clients, together to enjoy themselves. From product launches to annual Christmas parties, company events can be used to mark many special occasions. When done well, such events can be unique and memorable opportunities to celebrate and demonstrate you’re grateful for hard work and dedicated service. You want this event to be a treat for all, so how do you make it fun, rather than being seen as a work obligation? Take a look at our tips for how to make your company event a success.



Carefully consider the date and time you organise your event for. Are you going to hold it during work hours? If it’s an evening event, will staff have enough time to get ready after work finishing? What day of the week will you hold the event? Generally, people prefer evening work events later in the week, say on a Friday or, failing that, a Thursday. Also think about the time it’ll take attendees to get to the event location – if it’s more convenient, people will be more likely to come along.


Inspiring location

A good setting for your company event can elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary. If you want people to be wowed and remember your event, don’t just stick to your office or a nearby conference hall. With a marquee, you have free reign and flexibility when it comes to location, size of venue and decorations. Pick an inspiring backdrop – this could be somewhere like a lakeside country park, historic stately home or lively racecourse – and confirm with the owners where you would like to pitch your marquee.


Multispan marquee in front of castle


Captivating theme

People don’t always expect much from corporate functions, but to make yours stand out from the crowd, create a compelling theme for the event. Try to stay away from hackneyed or vague ideas. For example, instead of going for a ‘winter’ themed Christmas party, why not go for something like ‘German Christmas markets’? The specificity will help you create an original event which will delight your guests.


Interior design

It can be easy to dress up your marquee venue with the easiest to get hold of or first decorations that come to mind. However, this can end up looking pretty humdrum and won’t create a distinctive event. Really consider the theme you have in mind and get creative with marquee linings, lighting such as lamps, chandeliers, fairy lights and lanterns, furniture, bars, table settings, entertainment zones and more. Everything can be tailored to ensure your theme, and event overall, looks wonderful.



Even if your venue looks great, if you don’t entertain your guests, you won’t have created a winning event. Although music – whether in the form of a DJ or live band – and a dancefloor is a good start, you should think of a couple more ideas if you want to create a special occasion.

Popular entertainment choices include comedians, acrobats, and performance bartenders. However, a more engaging idea is to get your guests involved by giving them interactive entertainment – photobooths, quizzes and competitions, classic fair games and even food stations are fun examples. With a marquee, you can easily create different zones with different things going on, just make sure you have a generator to handle any additional electrical equipment.


Lowland Marquees provide an excellent range of high quality marquees for hire. Our marquees can provide the perfect setting for a range of events, from corporate functions to wedding parties. We can also offer furniture, lighting, generators, decor, and more, for hire to ensure your venue looks wonderful and can host a fantastic event. For more information about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we operate across Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumfriesshire.