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Marquee weddings on a budget

Posted on by Lowland Marquees

Your wedding is going to be an occasion you hold close to your heart for the rest of your life and many choose to invest a lot into their big day. However, with the average UK wedding now costing close to £30,000, it’s understandable more and more people are looking for ways to do weddings on a budget. By carrying out thorough planning, shopping around, DIY-ing and sticking to a budget, there are many ways you can successfully create a beautiful budget wedding.

Read through our tips below for our advice on organising a wonderful wedding on a budget.


  • Make it yourself


If can make any aspect of your wedding yourself instead of paying someone to do it for you, this is a great way to save money. From invitations and wedding favours to decorations or even the cake, some savvy DIY can save you hundreds of pounds on vendor fees.


  • Call in favours


Chances are, out of all your family and friends, you know some people you can call in favours from. Maybe you have very limited arty abilities but your sister works in graphics and could make your invitations. Alternatively, you might know someone with a flash car you could borrow for wedding transport, or have a friend who is amazing with makeup who could do hair and makeup on the big day.


  • Marquee venue


Wedding venues can be very expensive to hire, often coming with additional costs that quickly mount up, and so if you can find an alternative, this can save you a large sum of money. For weddings on a budget, marquee hire can be a great solution. You will have total control over the venue, there’ll be no corkage fees and there’s a lot of choice in style and decor. If you know someone with a gorgeous garden, you could even find the setting for your marquee for free.


  • High street/online alternatives


Searching on the high street and online for typically high-cost wedding items can save you a sizable chunk of money. For example, several stores (namely ASOS and H&M) have bridal collections now at very reasonable costs and there are many websites who sell second hand designer wedding dresses. What’s more, you should consider supermarkets for elegant tiered cakes and places like ebay can be great for picking up low cost decorations.


  • Catering


If you can call in favours on catering, this can be a great way to save. However, even if you don’t have any chef friends to call on, you can still cut costs in ways like choosing prosecco or cava as an alternative to champagne and serving the wedding cake as dessert.  


  • Honeymoon contributions


Many modern couples can feel like wedding gifts are something of an old-fashioned concept. An increasingly popular – and financially savvy move – is to ask for honeymoon contributions instead of gifts. This could end up giving you welcome spending money to let you enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest. Before booking the honeymoon, be sure to look for good deals and consider off season times which will be cheaper.


  • Try to steer clear of ‘wedding’ products


With any products described as ‘for weddings’, you can bet you’ll be paying a premium. From flowers to photography, try and get your vendors to meet your needs without labelling the service as ‘for a wedding’.


wedding marquee interior


Lowland Marquees provide an excellent range of marquees for hire across Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumfriesshire. Our marquees – from clearspan frames to pagodas – are perfect for creating a stunning backdrop for your wedding. With hire options for furniture, lighting, generators, decor and more, we can offer a very convenient, comprehensive service. If you have any enquiries, contact our team today – we’re always happy to help.