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Setting up a marquee for an event

Posted on by Lowland Marquees

Choosing what kind of marquee you want for your event is the easy part of marquee hiring – here we will give you an insight into how we set up a marquee, so you and your guests can use it with guaranteed safety. We will also give you an insight into what factors you should take into consideration when deciding on what type of marquee to get, and whether you should get one at all.


  1. Surface area

    The first issue to consider is the type of land you want to place your marquee on. Is it grass or is it tiles? Is the land slanted or is it flat? If you are wanting a marquee on a harder ground, it may be difficult to plant stakes, costing more money and time. If the marquee will be on slanted land, then this will affect any furniture or stands in the marquee. However, we can work with some slanted areas, so don’t discredit any areas of land without consulting our specialists first!

    Furthermore, the bigger and more complex the marquee is, the more time needed for the assembly process. You must ensure the site you want to place it on allows for us to come and fit your marquee before the day of the event – so booking in advance is key.

    If you are short of space, we recommend opting for the Clearspan Frame marquee, as they don’t require guy ropes to secure the structure, thereby taking up less room.


  2. Size of marquee

    The size of the marquee must be based upon the number of guests attending and any extras you plan on having. We must look at many variables, including if people are going to be seated, if it will be a standing event, how much space the tables and chairs will take up, and if you’ll be having a bar stand or DJ. Everything that is going to be in the marquee must be accounted for before the event happens to ensure there are no problems on the day. During weddings in particular, the last thing you want to stress about is the reception, so planning everything thoroughly is key!

    If you are having an event with a larger party, we recommend the octagon marquee, which can host many people under the same roof, but still creates an intimate atmosphere.


  3. Access to the marquee

    Your marquee must be accessible to all your guests, as well as the often forgotten  necessities such as, parking, drainage, electricity, water pipes, and possibly wifi installation. All of these aspects must be able to reach the marquee safely, as well as work properly for the entirety of the event. By pre-planning your guestlist, you’ll be able to organise all of the necessary elements so there are no problems on the day. Simple issues such as parking can have a huge effect on the event if it creates traffic when there isn’t enough space for everyone to park. There are many questions you should be asking in the run-up to the event, such as:

    – Is the site restricted by opening times?
    – Is there a restriction on the amount of guests permitted on the site?
    – How many toilets will we need?
    – What are the parking options? Is there a charge per hour or per day?
    – How much power do you need for DJs and bars?
    – Is the event weather permitted?
    – Will you need extra power for any catering equipment, such as Bain Maries and other heated food displays?

This is just a sample list of the types of questions you should be asking before the run up to the event. By using our hiring services, you’ll be able to cover the majority of the necessities, giving you total peace of mind on the day of your event.


Marquee lit up at night


Here at Lowland Marquees, we provide an extensive range of marquees for every occasion, for you to hire across Scotland, as well as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumfriesshire. Whether you’re looking for a place to have your wedding reception, or somewhere to hold a music event, we will have the perfect marquee for you. We strive to provide a fully comprehensive service – which includes the option to hire your furniture, lighting, generators, and more from us – so you can create the perfect plot for your event. For more information on our services, or if you’re looking for a quote, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today!