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Signs of a good marquee company

Posted on by Lowland Marquees

If you are planning on hiring a marquee for your next big event – whether that’s a wedding, corporate event or private party – you will want to make sure you choose a reliable hire company. Friendly customer assistance, expert knowledge and a comprehensive service will make all the difference, turning your hire experience into a breeze. However, it can be hard to know what to look out for in a marquee rental company, particularly if you’ve never hired before. To help you identify a good company, we’ve put together some signs to look out for.




When you’re looking at potential marquee companies, it’s worth checking how long they have been in business. If the company in question has a long history, you will likely find they are a better candidate, having proven themselves to be trustworthy and having stood the test of time. What’s more, if the company has been in business longer, their staff will likely be much more experienced and will be able to offer a better service and handle any issues easier.


Expert advice

Talk to your marquee hire company and get a feel for how well they can answer your questions and queries. A good marquee company should be able to give you thorough answers and can offer expert advice regarding your individual situation, should you want it. For example, they might offer you recommendations regarding size, placement and layout for your marquee.


Site visits

Professional marquee providers will want to make sure that your site is suitable for a marquee before hiring one out. They may ask you to make sure your site is suitable through a series of questions or offer to carry out a site visit to assess the area themselves. Either way, this is a good idea to make sure that the marquee you’re wishing for is possible at your site.


Marquee options

Although some marquee providers might specialise in one kind of marquee, those who offer a few kinds can prove advantageous. Options may include a range of sizes and an array of interesting shapes, all of which your provider should talk through with you to see which will suit you best. Not only will a few marquee alternatives give you a variety to choose from, with the potential for mix and matching adjoining marquees for a large event, the ability to offer a few marquees tends to show that the company have strong expertise in the area and know what they’re doing.


Furniture and accessory supply

If your marquee hire company can also kit out the interior with tables, chairs, flooring, lighting and other such accessories, the rental process can become a lot easier. By getting these extras from your marquee provider, you can enjoy an easy one-stop experience. A good hire company will offer a variety of furniture and accessories to select from so you can tailor the marquee to your tastes and event, creating a wonderful personalised space.


Case studies and good reviews

Being able to see the work a marquee company has previously carried out and hear about the experience of past customers is a great way to get an accurate impression of the business. You should always check out the reviews of a company before selecting them, steering clear of ones with a consistent negative history. Marquee hire providers who have lots of images and case studies from past clients for you to look through can also be helpful, giving you an idea of what you can expect in terms of marquee quality, professional installations and customer service.



Lowland Marquees provide customers across Scotland with a wide variety of high quality marquees, ideal for hosting any special event. We are a well-established supplier and our team of experts can guide you through the process and offer a swift and efficient setup and take-down service. To make sure your marquee is both stunning and well-equipped, we can also provide hire for furniture, decor, toilets and more. To discuss your ideas with one of our friendly team, simply get in touch – we serve customers in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dumfriesshire and throughout Scotland.