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Styling your seasonal wedding

Posted on by Lowland Marquees

When planning your wedding day, it can be hard to know where to start with the incredible array of styles, themes, colours, foods and venues out there. To create a stunning,  memorable wedding day, why not take inspiration from the seasons? A timeless theme that still allows a lot of creativity and personalisation, a seasonal wedding can tie together your big day into a gorgeous and elegant occasion. To give you some inspiration, we’ve put together some styling tips for each season.




Cooler days, gorgeous autumn foliage and cosy, comforting foods can help to make autumn weddings an atmospheric event.

Colours: In terms of colour schemes, think natural, earthy tones and hues which reflect the classic autumn colours. Reds, rust, burnt orange, copper, browns, aubergine and golds all seasonal shades which work well.

Food & favours: Comforting, flavourful and rustic foods all work well in autumn, articularly if they incorporate seasonal produce. Think hearty root vegetable soups, creamy risotto, slow-roasted pork belly with apple purée, sticky toffee pudding, or carrot cake. Small jars of jam or chutney make for lovely on-theme favours.

Decor: Organic autumnal touches can provide the basis for your decorations. Foliage can be made into charming garlands, bunting and place settings. Brushed gold chandeliers and dark wood tables and chairs offer drama and grandeur. Centre pieces of seasonal harvest produce and bouquets of orange and red dahlias, wheat and berries can add a natural, rustic feel.




Winter weddings lend themselves to luxury with elaborate decor, rich foods and sumptuous finishing touches. With a festive buzz around the winter season, this can be a magical time to get married.

Colours: White and off-whites are, of course, prominent colours in winter weddings. Other frosty tones – like ice blue, pastel purple and pale grey – work very well as accent colours and bridesmaid dresses. Alternatively, for a warmer and more festive look, red, gold and champagne tone in well.

Food & favours: Rich, hearty foods are ideal for pleasing your guests at a winter wedding. Menus like cheesy soufflés and beef bourguignon followed by melt in the middle chocolate pudding will always be a winner. Tap into the cosy season by offering candles or a mulled wine spice mix to your guests as favours.

Decor: Wintry themes are very much open to personalisation, with ideas ranging from the luxe and lavish – picture silk and tulle drapes, sparkles, white lilies, gardenias and mistletoe, chandeliers and ice sculptures – to a cosy, heritage feel – imagine rustic wood tables and chairs, tartan tablecloths, red and white roses, and fairy lights.




With spring comes a fresh start, lighter days and beautiful blooms – the perfect inspiration for a pretty and romantic big day.

Colours: Pastel colours are a classic choice for a spring wedding, with light greens, pinks and yellows all popular choices for decorations and clothes. For a slightly more grown up feel, pale, dusty and delicate shades of grey, blush, sage and mauve are graceful choices.

Food & favours: Light and fresh flavours are well-suited to springtime. Scallops with a pea purée, classic lamb shanks, and lemon and poppyseed cake are all tasty choices which complement the spring theme. Small bags of pastel macarons would be a sweet wedding favour.

Decor: With the abundance of florals in spring, it’s a no brainer to incorporate as many blooms and as much natural beauty as possible. Airy linen, cotton and tulle drapery can complement tablecloths and upholstery in pastel shades. Decorate tables with bountiful floral centrepieces – spring favourites such as daffodils, tulips, cherry blossom or lilac are lovely choices.




Summer is still the most popular season in the UK to get married, and with sunshine (hopefully!), bright and bold plant life, and outdoor ceremonies, it is easy to see why.

Colours: Summer is a vibrant season and so you can choose your colour palette to reflect this. Warm, in-keeping shades include spicy reds, tangerine orange, turmeric yellow and coral. If you’re looking for something cooler, turquoise and lush greens can also work well.

Food & favours: Try and keep it light for a summer menu – no one wants stew on a hot summer’s day! Mediterranean food is a good source of inspiration – think antipasti or bruschetta, fish with roasted veg, salads and fruit tarts. Offering ice cream and a pick-your-own toppings bar is a fun touch. Paper fans could be useful throughout the day and kept as a commemorative favour.

Decor: Simple and airy backdrops with accents of zesty, vibrant colours can make your decorations pop. Chiffon and lace draping and curtains with colourful place settings and bold floral arrangements can really capture the summer spirit. Sunflowers, orchids, birds of paradise and other exotic florals are just some stunning options.


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