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Tips for hosting your perfect marquee event

Posted on by Lowland Marquees

Hiring a marquee for a special event gives you a lot of flexibility and scope for tailoring your venue to your needs and desires. Whether you are hosting a wedding, garden party, corporate event, or other occasion, a marquee can provide you with the perfect setting for celebrations and frivolities. To ensure your event goes smoothly, we’ve put together some handy hosting and organising tips.


Planning and spacing

If you are planning to host a marquee event, the further in advance you can book your marquee, the better. Marquees can get snapped up quickly, particularly in summer months, so try to book early to make sure you get your perfect marquee.

Choosing which kind and size of marquee you want will be one of your first decisions and will have a big impact on your event. You have a wide range of options when it comes to style of marquee – from classic pointed pagodas and octagonal shapes to large, modern curved beam marquees. In addition to shape, make sure you fully consider the size of area you will need – you don’t want the space to feel cramped! Think about number of guests and whether you want space for a stage, dancefloor, bar, catering, tables and further entertainment.



Make sure that your chosen site has an appropriate space for your wonderful marquee. As well as obvious obstructions – like trees, buildings or water features – check that there aren’t any low hanging wires or pipelines which might cause issues.

If you have a large setting and freedom for positioning your marquee, we recommend angling open sides or large marquee windows in a westerly direction – that way you and your guests can enjoy the glow of sunset at the end of a delightful day.


Vendors and essentials

When swept up in the fun aspects of planning your event, it can be easy to overlook some of the essentials. Go back to the basics and think about organising:

  • Catering: if your event is to be a long one, you will definitely need to provide food for your guests. At the very least, you will need to create space for the food to be kept and served; if you hire caterers, it may be best to hire a small catering marquee.
  • Toilets: toilets are a necessity. If your marquees are the only space being used for your event, you will certainly need to hire port-a-loos.
  • Generator: if you wish to power anything electrical at your event, your best choice is to hire a generator. From music to lighting, a generator will ensure your event is reliably powered.
  • Heating: marquees create an excellent entertaining space in any season; by opting for heating, your marquee will stay comfortable no matter what the weather.  




To help make your event fun and memorable, consider hiring entertainment. Tailor your choices to the event and make sure that you have enough room in your marquee to accommodate your picks. Just a few fun ideas include: a live band, comedian, DJ, performers, magician, photobooths, caricaturist, game stations or casino tables.



To truly personalise your marquee, you can decorate it in any number of ways – your imagination is the limit! Flooring, lighting and a wide range of furniture should be available for hire from your marquee provider. For the more intricate details, choose a theme and run with it – there is an immense amount of choice when it comes to decorating and you can even get stuck in and make things yourself! A few examples of themes are: best of British, fairytale forest, beach, vintage and winter wonderland.



Lowland Marquees offer customers an excellent range of high quality marquees, perfect for any special event. As an experienced provider we can set up your marquee safely and swiftly, as well as offer a range of other hire services for furniture, toilets and decoration, ensuring you have the complete set up. Get in touch with our friendly team with any enquiries – we serve customers across Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumfriesshire.